With facilities and equipment to fabricate large steel plate and structural weldments, our expert fabricators can handle any size job. Utilizing the latest technology and a highly trained workforce, we are capable of fabricating a variety of components and assemblies from all carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel, and cast iron. Our high definition plasma cutter allows us to cut any custom shape from sheet or plate, saving labor and tooling cost. With our cutting, rolling and forming capabilities, we can create virtually any structural or plate fabrication. We offer in-house stress-relieve, sandblast and paint, and many types of coatings. Thanks to our engineering department, we are proficient in performing various tests and analysis on CMW designs as well as the customer’s existing designs to reverse engineer, improve product lifecycle, and reduce overall costs. These tests/analyses include; stress test, pull test, load test, fatigue analysis, weld verification / cut & etch, dye penetrant, and leak test, etc. Columbia Machine Works is also able to provide certifications for these tests as per customer’s required schedule, Our experienced staff of welders are required to hold multiple AWS certifications, and are capable of all manual welding, 6-Axis robotic welding and brazing. The geometry of each structure is reviewed prior to production in order to choose the best method for fabrication construction. Our project managers evaluate and plan each project in order to work with the customer on lead time, project cost, and in-process updates. Columbia Machine Works is proud to have a Corporate Membership in the American Welding Society. We have an In-house AWS Standard Library of Codes and Standards for a multitude of different materials and processes. Below are a few of these codes and standards used daily by the trained Staff of CMW.

  • AWS D1.1 2015 Structural Welding Code – Steel.
  • AWS D14.1 2005 Specification for Welding of Industrial and Mill Cranes and other Material Handling Equipment.
  • AWS D1.6 2007 Structural Welding Code – Stainless Steel.

Our Advantage

  • In House Engineering
  • Testing & Certification to Spec
  • Assigned Project Manager

Industries Served

  • Smelting
  • Ship Building
  • Aeronautic
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