Our machining capacity is among the largest anywhere. We have CNC turning capacity as large as (38.0″ Swing x 250″ Centers). We have conventional turning capacity as high as 32″ Swing x 384″ centers, with various other equipment capable of machining 78″ diameters. Our CNC milling capabilities are some of the largest in the country available for contract projects with envelope sizes for Horizontal CNC milling up to 138″ x 118″ x 79″, 5-Axis machines with programmable turntables and a 50 tool magazine and vertical up to 40″ x 30″ x 120″. Not only do we have unconventional capabilities, but our elite machinists are also experienced with machining titanium, magnesium, inconel, manganese, ceramics, pre-heat treated steel up to 60+ HRC, and other exotic metals / alloys. With the diversity of a complete in-house engineering staff that can reverse engineer and print components or assemblies, supported by a large Fabrication/Welding division that offers in house Stress Relieving, Sand-Blasting, plasma coating and Painting complimented by an Industrial Maintenance division, Columbia Machine Works is one of the best equipped facilities in the country to service your needs.

Our Advantage

  • Large Capacity CNC Turning
  • Large Capacity CNC Milling
  • Experienced, Talented, Machinists

Industries Served

  • Plastics Processing
  • Automotive
  • Food Processing
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